Designing an Iconic Office Building for Sheffield

Construction continues on Phase One of Sheffield Heart of the City II. David Leonard, director of Leonard Design, recently spoke with the Sheffield team about the design of this phase.

The extract below is from a newsletter published through the official Heart of the City website. If you want more information on the scheme or wish to sign up for further news then click here.

What were your key priorities when designing the Phase One building for Heart of the City II?

“We had to ensure that the design for the first phase of Sheffield Heart of the City II set the benchmark and quality high for the rest of the scheme.”

“It was our priority to make sure the design of the building was aesthetically pleasing as well as being a truly viable and sustainable option for the site location and HSBC. We worked closely with the occupier to ensure the building met their requirements and identity as well as Sheffield’s.”

Did you have to take into consideration the surrounding areas of Sheffield when designing this phase of the scheme?

“It was important to us that the building responded to the three very distinct areas which surround it – Sheffield City Centre Conservation Area, Telephone House and The Moor.

“All of these areas have very different architectural styles which we have reflected in our choice of materials – terracotta, aluminium and glass – for the building’s façade.”

What challenges did you face when bringing forward this phase of the scheme?

“There was a very short period of time between producing the first designs for the building to when the team wanted construction activities to begin. This was to ensure that this phase could be delivered in shortest possible timeframe.

“We therefore worked collaboratively with the client, Turner and Townsend, BAM Construction and Arup, to ensure that the building could be built using the quickest possible route. Through our collaborative approach we have ensured that the quick delivery target was achieved and Phase One will be complete in Spring 2019.”