International Women’s Day 2022 – More Than Just a Day

This year the Leonard Design team have decided to celebrate both International Women’s Day & International Men’s Day throughout the year instead of only one day. This approach was realised after a group discussion with IWD & IMD becoming markers to review, reflect and plan our work as a team. Five initiatives have been selected that will be running throughout the year to help, celebrate and support our team.

1.Awareness – Objective – Action

Everyone in the team can put forward a conversation they would like to initiate. These conversations will take part in our popular internal Leonard Espresso Sessions, a short 7-minute period to present, listen and discuss. Each session will have three parts:

  1. Raising awareness
  2. Setting and objective
  3. Action

If you would be interested in coming to our office to have your own Leonard Espresso Session please click the email button below, we would love to hear what subject you would like to discuss.

2.The Leonard Book Club

Each month a book, podcast or TedTalk will be selected as an important topic to discuss. When books are nominated, we will purchase 2 copies of each book for each office – these can be taken, read & returned for someone else to read. The person who nominates the book will arrange a “Book Club Meeting” where members of the team who have read the book (or listened to the audio book!) come together to discuss what they got from reading it.

If you have a book suggestion or perhaps have written a book you think we should discuss, we would love to hear your suggestions. It would also be a fantastic experience to invite you to our office to discuss your book too if possible.

3.Charity & Support

Throughout the year we will aim to arrange 3 / 4 charity events. By doing different charity activities this does not put the team under pressure to be regularly asking family & friends for sponsorship all year. We are also looking at the suppliers we choose for our Away Day / Office Supplies with an aim to support local (female & male) businesses.

4.Female & Male Mentors

We are compiling a list of inspirational women and men to visit our office to talk about their experiences, challenges and successes. These mentors will host their own Leonard Latte Session (longer than our Espresso Sessions) for the team to learn from, question and be inspired by.


At the end of 2022 we will ask an artistic member of our team to take the themes, discussion & ideas from the year and convey this in a painting or piece of artwork which will be printed for the whole team. The team will be able to appreciate the piece as a celebration of what we achieved collectively throughout the year

International Men’s Day

In November, we will use International Men’s Day as a review date to look at what initiatives have worked/not worked. We can also assess what we wish to continue with into the new year and look at what new ideas are brought to the table.

If you are interested in anything or would like to take part in what we will be doing throughout the year we would love to hear from you.