Recycled Office Furniture: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Last month Leonard Design teamed up with The Coggin Group and company director Sam Coggin, who launched the idea of redistributing quality recycled office furniture. This allows the team to sit comfortably knowing they are helping the environment and benefiting the city.

Upcycled Office Furniture the coggin group

The Coggin Group

The Coggin group are a sustainable business based in Preston who refurbish office furniture. This allows them to prolong the life of office assets while also improving quality and reuse potential.  The team change old, redundant furniture and create new, exciting and comfy office equipment.

Sustainable Recycled Office Furniture

Sustainable furniture is often recycled or repurposed. Using sustainable, refurbished furniture within the Nottingham office, Leonard Design have used an ethical approach to fit out their office. This has helped them cut down on furniture waste and reduce the carbon footprint of the company.

With help from The Coggin Group, Leonard Design have recently received a range of refurbished furniture. This in turn has allowed them to recycle old furniture and refurbish the Nottingham office in a sustainable way.  Staff are now able to feel as if they are helping the environment while working as they know that the equipment, they are using has been previous owned

Carbon reduction

While upcycling furniture, Leonard Design have been able to benefit the environment and climate change. This can be seen during the process of the refurbishing production where they have saved 805kg of carbon omissions, compared to purchasing new office furniture. This has allowed Leonard Design to contribute towards reducing climate change as they are able to take small steps within the office to benefit the city around them. The Coggin Group has also planted 5 trees with Ecologi in addition to these carbon savings. This should hopefully encourage other businesses to also change ways their business operates to benefit the environment.

Visions in the future

In the future Leonard Design are willing to continue this process of upcycling quality refurbished office future to help save the environment. This will allow them to continue to develop a green sustainable business which will benefit climate change and reduce carbon omissions.

If you are interested in anything or would like to take part in what we will be doing throughout the year we would love to hear from you.