Introducing Blossom Homes: Zero Carbon Homes for the Future

Blossom Homes has created a premium quality range of super-environmentally performing ‘zero carbon’, factory built homes that will set new standards for the construction industry. Community driven, spacious living, in a highly sustainable environment with low running and maintenance costs. These are all the ingredients to Blossom Homes.

There is an acute need for desirable modern home with the highest possible environmental standards, at an affordable cost. In today’s society we are in a unprecedented place in the housing market. Over the past few decades the need for housing has steadily increased leading to a point now where demand far exceeds supply. The committee on climate change paints a stark picture, and urges the Government to act now to improve the UK’s housing stock and help achieve long-term emissions reduction targets including ensuring that new homes are low-carbon, energy efficient and climate resilient.

Blossom Homes, in association with Leonard Design, have developed a solution to these issues. Take a look at the introductory video below and see the full website here: