Climate Change & Sustainability

The climate and its condition are becoming an ever more pressing issue. Thankfully the awareness of this subject is now expanding rapidly due to activists such as Greta Thunberg promoting the #FutureFridays campaign. Unfortunately, environmental disasters are becoming more common and the team at Leonard Design support the protection of our planet and we are doing what we can to help.

The Amazon

Earlier this year the Amazon rainforest saw the worst deforestation via man-made fires it has ever seen. These fires predominantly started for agricultural purposes saw a significant increase this year which was covered extensively in the media. Described as the ‘lungs of the planet’ due to its vital role in Oxygen production, the Amazon, needs protecting from deforestation.

Seeing the fires, Leonard Design has purchased 100 trees to be planted in the rainforest to help rebuild the ecosystem. This was possible through the service provided by One Tree Planted an environmental charity on a mission to plant as many trees as possible. If you are interested in the charity or wish to donate yourself, click the link below:

Climate Strike

During late September (20-27) a Global Climate Strike took place around the world with 7.6 million people taking to the streets to strike for climate action. This was the biggest climate mobilisation in history and our team were part of those statistic in Nottingham. This strike, and the call for change, was for the planet and the next generation who will inhabit it. The next generation here is vital, with activists such as Greta Thunberg taking the stand at the United Nations to encourage world leader to do more to combat climate change. If you are interested in Greta’s message and climate change take a look at the video below:



This month Leonard Design have launched ‘LEONARD GREEN’!, A workplace committee set up to brainstorm ideas to reduce waste and carbon footprint both within our offices as well as within our ongoing projects. LEONARD GREEN will introduce various initiatives to the company to improve both an individual’s outlook but also the overall perspective of the company. These initiatives will include monthly eco-themed gifts, guest speakers and staff challenges such as going vegan, cycle to work or a Skype meeting rather than travelling to be there in person. On the larger scale, LEONARD GREEN will be creating a Green Building Specification to share with our contractors and developers for future projects.

More details on LEONARD GREEN will be announced soon!