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We have international reach, with local expertise from a wide variety of talented people in multiple locations around the world. Our philosophy however remains the same; we are one company, one team.


4th Floor, Albion House
5-13 Canal Street
Nottingham, NG1 7EG
United Kingdom
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Black and white photo of a cityscape featuring a blend of modern and historical Leonard Design architecture. A prominent dome structure rises in the distance, while rooftops and brick buildings are visible in the foreground under a clear sky.


3rd Floor, Baird House
15-17 Cross Street
London, EC1N 8UW
United Kingdom
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Black and white aerial view of a cityscape, with a river running through the middle and several bridges crossing it. Notable landmarks include a large domed building and various modern and historic structures. The sky is partly cloudy, giving an almost Leonard Design touch to the expansive city.


Charlottenstra├če 62
Berlin, 10117
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Black and white aerial view of Berlin cityscape featuring the iconic Berlin TV Tower. The image, a masterpiece of graphic design, shows a mix of modern and historic architecture with buildings, bridges over the River Spree, and roads filled with cars, portraying the city's vibrant urban life.

Kuala Lumpur

Unit 11-01A, Vida Bukit
Ceylon, Jalan Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur
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A black and white aerial view of a city skyline featuring the iconic Petronas Twin Towers at the center. The foreground shows a large park with greenery and winding pathways, demonstrating masterplanning excellence. Surrounding the towers are various high-rise buildings and urban structures under a partly cloudy sky.


Unit 313
22 Harmony-ro 178 beon-gil Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 22011 Seoul
Republic of Korea
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Black and white photo of a cityscape at dusk with numerous tall buildings illuminated. The skyline, a testament to meticulous architecture, is dotted with lights and the horizon features a range of hills. A crescent moon is visible in the sky, casting a serene ambiance over the busy city below.


60 Miller St
North Sydney
NSW 2060
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A black-and-white nighttime photograph of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, illuminated with lights, reflects a masterplanning marvel. The skyline of Sydney's buildings shimmers in the background and is mirrored in the water below, while palm trees frame this serene waterfront scene.