A Year of Inspirational Travel with the LDAirport

Every year Leonard Design arrange a year long initiative to put the company’s ethos into the hands of the team itself. These initiatives give each employee an opportunity to improve the quality of work or wellbeing within the office.

At the beginning of 2019 the LDAirport initiative was launched. Each team member was gifted a £100 travel voucher to put towards visiting an inspiring piece of architecture or design. With the aim to get 86 people to visit 86 interesting projects and start 86 engaging conversations. This in turn would make Leonard Design a much more inspiring place to be.

There was no limitation to what location employees could visit. Therefore, a wide variety of travel plans were made by the team. Some of the team opted to stay within the UK and took short journeys to their inspirational design. Whereas others chose to take a detour whilst on holiday giving the LDAirport initiative an international reach.

Throughout the year the vouchers have been used to visit locations such as: Venice, Paris, Porto, Girona, Hamburg, Japan, California, London, Melbourne, Norway, Dubai, Tenerife, Singapore plus many more. Take a look at the map below.


John Morgan, director at Leonard Design, had this to say about the LDAirport scheme:

“Our team are our best asset, their ability to create, design, manage and collaborate across multiple projects is what makes the Leonard Design team work so well. The LDAirport was a fantastic opportunity to allow each employee to expand their knowledge of great design by seeing it in person rather than through photography.

“This intellectual growth has elevated the teamwork within the office inspiring many to expand their own designs and to help others with suggestions from what they witnessed first-hand.”

Other Initiatives

Last year, the team were gifted a £100 voucher to spend on the office itself. The directors at Leonard Design realised they could invest in improvements to the space but ultimately this may not reflect what the team wanted. This initiative resulted in the team buying multiple plants, stools, bean bags and even banding together to buy larger items such as Sonos speakers, a football table and a coffee machine.

Looking forward, the 2020 initiative will integrate with our recently launch Leonard GREEN. A workplace committee set up to brainstorm ideas to reduce waste and carbon footprint both within our offices as well as within our ongoing projects. More will be revealed soon.

If you have found our initiatives to be inspiring and think this is something you would like to implement in your own office, we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you want to know more about our other schemes and the way we look after our team please get in touch via email below: