5 Weeks of Shadow Boxing with BOXRAW founder Ben Amanna

Last month we teamed up with BOXRAW founder Ben Amanna, who launched a series of boxing exercises over 5 weeks to teach us all the tips, tricks and training routines to get us all engaged with boxing.

Each Thursday our team at Leonard Design joined Ben at 8am via Zoom for a shadow boxing workout. In our first session Ben introduced us to the fundamental movements involved in shadow boxing. The following sessions were filled with shadow boxing 5 times for 3 minutes, with each minute between each round filled with as many of a particular exercise as you could. After the 20 minutes, we did an all-body 10 minute ab circuit:

  • Burpees
  • Squat Jumps
  • Burpees
  • Alt Leg Squat Thrusts
  • Burpees with a Press Up

The sessions were an incredible way for us to learn the fundamentals of boxing and gain awareness of the synergy between our upper and lower body. 

After the 5 weeks, the barrier to shadow boxing was removed and we left our final session feeling confident to continue with boxing in the future. The sessions allowed us to learn a new skill, increase our fitness and get moving on the cold winter mornings.

Leonard Design Director John Morgan said: 

“When Ben started the sessions and talked about the mindfulness benefits, if I am totally honest, I wasn’t totally convinced, but it really was a form of meditation, when you are concentrating on the positioning of your feet, your hands and the movement it is impossible to think about anything else in that moment and it clears your mind  – it was an amazing experience and I also cant believe how exhausting punching the air actually was! It was a great fitness initiative that our team had organized.”

The Vision: To be the Reason the Word Got Into Boxing

We spoke to Ben about BOXRAW’s brand message and vision. Ben highlighted that anyone, any age, gender, or level, can do boxing and that the narrative should be taken away from just the elite. 

BOXRAW represents an attitude towards life.

If you have a mind you’re a fighter.”

BOXRAW was built from the belief that boxing is more than just fighting with fists. It is a way of life and journey, and exists to pioneer the boxing lifestyle.

The vision: To be the reason the world got into boxing.

Ben also spoke to us about his background, childhood and how this has influenced BOXRAW. School bullying forced Ben to learn how to fight at the age of 12. But it also taught him that boxing is more than just hitting someone in the face; it is about discipline, mindfulness and focussing on the now.

BOXRAW produce the finest sportswear, most innovative equipment and products built with purpose. They collaborate with some of the greatest athletes from around the World and accompany any boxing journey. 

BOXRAW’s values include:

Change the Game. ‘Push Harder. Move Faster. Work Smarter. We are here to push the sport forward. We move to out-think, out-manoeuvre and out-class our competitors. We work relentlessly to create, innovate and shape the future. Above all else we are here to Win’

Change the World. ‘Boxing is Love. We are here to serve and progress the human race. We have within us the power to do so. This is our responsibility. This is who we are. This is what we do. When it’s all said and done, we are all One.’

Boxing is Love. Change the World. Inspire, Engage, Empower.

BOXRAW’s Boxing is Love charity aims to rebuild a culture of independence, greatness and courage throughout the third world. Their first mission is in Liberia, a country where 70% of the population are under the age of 25 due to the ruinous civil war that has scarred the nation.

 Boxing is Love aims to rebuild communities and inspire children through the use of boxing gyms and sports facilities to inspire perseverance, determination and the necessary hope to empower progress. 

The foundation inspires and empowers a population of eager talented young people desperate for opportunity. Boxing is Love will inspire perseverance, determination, and the necessary hope to empower progress.

Leonard Design Architects has been responsible for the concept design of the first new-build project in Liberia by BOXRAW. The gym near Gbarnga City will be constructed predominantly for shipping containers and scaffolding to create a vast amount of flexibility in design, this being key for the brand, as they wish to expand their reach to multiple locations.

It is this dedication to being more than just a retailer that allows brands such as BOXRAW to create longevity for their business, whilst making the world a better place. It is this, that makes us at Leonard Design Architects so much more excited to work with them and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for BOXRAW and Boxing is Love.

BOXRAW founder Ben Amanna said 

 “Developing this initiative with the team at Leonard Design has opened up the idea of collaborating with other brands and we are delighted that we are now running shadow boxing training for the teams at EY, Facebook and SnapChat and if you feel that your team and company would be interested to find out more about the physical and mental benefit of shadow boxing then get in touch with us through our website or social media, we are in this to grow the understanding of the sport and its benefits”