Why we have scrapped (or rather altered) Secret Santa

Since 2018, Leonard Design have scrapped the usual ‘Secret Santa’ tradition of some workplaces. ‘Bah humbug’ we hear you say. However, we have not entirely scrapped the idea, just re-directed our efforts (and presents) to a much better cause.

Secret Santa is an event held in many offices; this secretive gift giving is very entertaining but ultimately can be very wasteful. With most gifts being used once and discarded soon after, as an ethically minded company we knew we could do better. Therefore, we have supported local charities in gift-giving to supply those in need and spread the joy to who needs it most.

Tara’s Angels

For 2021, we have selected Tara’s Angels for our donations. Tara’s Angels is an organisation set up in memory of Tara Newbold, a mother of three who sadly lost her life in 2016, after being a victim of domestic violence. Tara’s family and friends decided to raise awareness and support vulnerable women and children across Nottinghamshire, living in refuges.

Gifts for all ages and sizes, boys and girls were required. There was no minimum or maximum cash amount too. We’re proud to say our team have gone above and beyond to fulfil our donation with a plethora of fantastic gifts.

We hope this short article inspires you to look more into local charities and what you can do around the festive period to help those in need.

Merry Christmas everyone!