As designers, we are committed to finding innovative ways to contribute positively to the environment while nurturing creativity in our workspace. Last festive season, we designed our own, re-usable Christmas tree, crafted with eco-friendly plywood for both our Nottingham & London offices. But did you know both trees have been up all year round?

Redefining the Resusable Christmas Tree

Manufactured from a lightweight Eucalyptus plywood the Leonard Tree encourages members of the team to re-arrange the structure throughout the year. With each tier being removable, the tree can evolve into multiple shapes creating an ever-changing sculptural piece.

Encouraging a Circular Economy

By adopting a reusable Christmas tree, we are promoting the concept of a circular economy. Rather than discarding the tree after each festive season, our design allows staff to rearrange its components into different tree-shaped forms throughout the year. This versatility not only fosters creativity but also minimizes waste and extends the product’s lifecycle.

Inspiring Sustainable Creativity

Our re-usable plywood Christmas tree stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and creativity. By making conscientious choices like this, we can all contribute to a greener, more promising future for generations to come. If you are inspired by our Leonard Tree design or perhaps would like to know more about the amazing projects our team do such as our office hydroponics system, then get in touch!

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