Four people are standing in an office, engaged in an activity involving wooden planks. The person on the right is writing on the glass wall. The spacious interiors feature large windows that reveal an urban landscape, with thoughtfully arranged office plants adding a touch of green to the design.

As designers, we are committed to finding innovative ways to contribute positively to the environment while nurturing creativity in our workspace. Last festive season, we designed our own, re-usable Christmas tree, crafted with eco-friendly plywood for both our Nottingham & London offices. But did you know both trees have been up all year round?

Two people stand near an intricately designed wooden structure by Leonard Design, featuring layered, curved steps and horizontal slats that spiral upward. The floor is wooden, and a plant is partially visible in the background, showcasing a perfect blend of graphic design and architectural artistry in interiors.
A group of people stand in an office space designed by Leonard Design, participating in an activity. Three individuals hold wooden sticks connected to a spiral structure, while another person in the background adjusts a part of it. A large potted plant and bookshelves accentuate the graphic design-inspired interiors on the right side.

Redefining the Resusable Christmas Tree

Manufactured from a lightweight Eucalyptus plywood the Leonard Tree encourages members of the team to re-arrange the structure throughout the year. With each tier being removable, the tree can evolve into multiple shapes creating an ever-changing sculptural piece.

Three people are assembling wooden furniture in a modern office space with a glass-walled meeting room on the left. Two are standing and holding wooden pieces, while one is crouching and working on the construction. Natural light from the window illuminates the scene, showcasing meticulous interiors and thoughtful architecture.
Two pairs of hands are reaching to adjust and balance a stack of wooden blocks on a metal rod. The blocks form an uneven tower, precariously balanced. Against the backdrop of an urban cityscape visible through the window, this scene captures the intricate dance between architecture and graphic design.

Encouraging a Circular Economy

By adopting a reusable Christmas tree, we are promoting the concept of a circular economy. Rather than discarding the tree after each festive season, our design allows staff to rearrange its components into different tree-shaped forms throughout the year. This versatility not only fosters creativity but also minimizes waste and extends the product’s lifecycle.

An indoor space with large windows, a modern wooden sculpture in the shape of a Christmas tree, and several potted plants. The architectural design features a glass wall on the left with views of adjoining buildings, and the right side boasts a lush green plant in the foreground.

Inspiring Sustainable Creativity

Our re-usable plywood Christmas tree stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and creativity. By making conscientious choices like this, we can all contribute to a greener, more promising future for generations to come. If you are inspired by our Leonard Tree design or perhaps would like to know more about the amazing projects our team do such as our office hydroponics system, then get in touch!

A modern, spiral wooden Christmas tree adorned with silver and white baubles stands in a corner by the window, offering a view of urban architecture. The tree's reflection can be seen on the adjacent glass panels, creating an elegant touch to the interiors.

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