Boxing is Love

Gbarnga City, Liberia
850 sqm (GIA)
The Boxing Is Love foundation aims to rebuild a culture of independence, greatness and courage throughout the third world.

The first mission of the BOXRAW foundation, Boxing is Love, is in the country of Liberia. A country where 70% of the population are under the age of 25 due to the ruinous civil war that has scarred the nation. Boxing is Love aims to rebuild communities and inspire children through the use of boxing gyms and sports facilities to inspire perseverance, determination and the necessary hope to empower progress.

Leonard Design have been responsible for the concept design of the first new build project in Liberia by BOXRAW. The gym located near Gbarnga City will be constructed predominately from shipping containers and scaffolding to create a vast amount of flexibility in design. This is key for the brand, as they wish to expand their reach to multiple locations around the world.

To compliment the construction method the interior design will celebrate the raw materiality whilst still giving an open, welcoming nature with a connection to the external spaces. Once complete the scheme will include a boxing ring with ringside and upper terrace seating and viewing galleries, a training ring and gym, changing facilities, accommodation and administration offices.

Take a look at a full virtual tour of the complex here