Cheshire Oaks  
Phase 5

Henderson UK Outlet Mall No 2 LP
Ellesmere Port, UK
5,640 sqm (increase in floor space only)
Comprehensive strategy to enhance the overall customer experience at luxury retail outlet village.
Cheshire Oaks Phase 5 covers a series of improvements that will form an investment strategy for Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet through the alteration, refurbishment and the erection of new buildings to provide an improved customer experience. It builds upon Phase 1, which saw the design and delivery of a new flagship store for Polo Ralph Lauren. We have delivered new retail and F&B units, enhancing the customer experiences with new and upgraded washrooms, tourist facilities, landscape and public realm, a new pedestrian bridge over a stream, and a new cutting-edge play area. A new decked car park for 450 spaces with a living green wall has also been delivered.

The landscape strategy brought together a coherent overall design and implementation approach and has helped to tie various previous and new phases of piecemeal development together. The works are near to completion on site with most tenants in and fitting out or trading.