Kronen Vanløse

Tristan Capital Partners,
Solstra Capital Partners.
Copenhagen, Denmark
October 2017
20,000 sqm
Bring international retail best practice and blue sky thinking to the suburbs of Copenhagen.
Leonard Design Architects performed a rigorous due diligence on a part constructed shopping centre in the district of Vanløse in Copenhagen. We modified the scheme to enhance viability and created approximately 20,000 sqm of lettable retail and food and beverage units split over 2 levels with associated basement parking. Retail planning and interior design was delivered to schematic design stage. Detail design and site works where undertaken by the local architect with design supervision and offline development studies undertaken by Leonard Design Architects. Our vision for the development proposed an independently deliverable, high density, modular residential development on the roof of the shopping centre. This innovative thinking further enhanced the viability and mixed-use credentials of the project. It is being delivered by local architects as the shopping centre continues to trade below.