Lotte Busan

South Korea
On going
Exterior Refurbishment of facade
A building façade recladding project for Lotte that was aimed to bring their no.1 store in Busan in line with competitors within the region.
A young, contemporary and timeless approach was specifically requested by Lotte on this project. The design was influenced by the fast moving vehicular traffic on one side and busy pedestrian movement on the other side, which is often regarded as the Times Square corner in Seomyeon. A flowing façade with dynamic lighting was designed in response to this context. Fragmentation was introduced to provide a richness to this singular wrap and aid construction practicalities. The façade encompasses the existing Lotte building as well as an extension block and car park block in the southern side, and a part of the Lotte hotel tower in the centre of the development. The facade makes up to a total of over 400m in length and 10 storeys high.