The Social Shell

Nottingham, UK
Student-led pavilion design 'The Social Shell', developed in partnership with Arup through to construction in Nottingham city centre.

Leonard Design, Arup & Nottingham Trent University ran a workshop for local school children to design a pavilion, with the winning design being realised. Working with Scale Rule, a collective that seek to improve the built environment through education, the design workshop was a success with ‘The Social Shell’ being selected as the winner. This design was then developed by Leonard Design & Arup to make the pavilion a reality.

Taking the school children on the journey as much as possible was a priority which also informed the construction method. Through careful consideration of material, joints, fixings and the 3D form the help of modelling software the pavilion was able to be erected in a single day. The Social Shell stood within Nottingham’s summer celebrations in city centre for the entire event. Now with the pavilion dismantled it is heading out on the road to be erected in a new location.

Big room full of people designing a pavilion project
Black and white parametric scripting design