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We are delighted, as part of our career planning programme, to celebrate and recognise the achievements and progression of individuals within the Leonard Design team, so please join us in congratulating the following team members.

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Becky Simmons promoted to Project Architect

Becky managed and led a nursing home project since its inception in 2017-2022 being the consistent lead throughout. The complexity of this project was amplified by numerous planning negotiations (Greenbelt site), archaeological constraints, landscaping and level issues (massively sloping site with emergency vehicle complexities specific for the typology), fire strategy issues and negotiations with CQC, and phasing issues with H&S challenges (it is a live site with elderly residents and visitors). Since its completion the project was shortlisted for Pinders Healthcare Design Award for ‘Best Regeneration Project 2023’. The first of its kind and the first of its typology for the office.

Becky further markets Leonard Design at industry recognised conferences and webinars trying to push this sector for us. She has presented to 100+ people at Health Care Building Forums, as well as online conferences. She also organised and ran the Care Re:Think event for the office using her key contacts to generate the attendee list. Becky makes time to follow up with key contacts made and works on networking at the events attended by participating in and seeking out voluntary events.

Aside from healthcare, she is able to adapt into varied roles and responsibilities in whatever team/project on regardless of the scale or complexity – she has been a key team player in all projects assigned, each with different client bodies and complexities. For other jobs she has put together fee proposals, chased invoices and remained good client contact throughout, making phone calls and scheduling meetings to chase the possibility of new work and she is promoted to Project Architect.

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Brittany Chaston promoted to Studio Manager

Brittany joined Leonard Design in 2016, initially as a receptionist for the admin team. Since joining she has been the main point of contact for any incoming queries to Leonard Design, been responsible for all office-related tasks, and a provider of ad-hoc staff support.

Over the years her role has expanded to cover all corners of office and administrative duties such as organising all office socials, managing recruitment, assisting with health & safety, liaising with external suppliers, arranging travel, the list goes on. In recognition of this, Brit has been promoted to Studio Manager.

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James Dealtry-Smith promoted to Associate Director

James joined Leonard Design in 2016. During his 7 years at Leonard Design, he has led a number of large-scale projects and delivering numerous roll out projects across the UK. More recently, he has led the delivery of a number of PBSA schemes including the 215-bed facility and also the currently on site is the construction of a 323-bed scheme.

James will always be the first to remind everyone that it is the whole team that delivers these projects, and everyone is instrumental in successfully achieving practical completion on any project. But it isn’t just delivering the project that is important to James, building relationships and meeting other industry professionals is something that he holds close to his heart.

James has continued to build on existing relationships with key clients being the face of Leonard Design at Nottingham Interact. James has also led the implementation of Leonard Life and in recognition of his achievements we will be promoting James to Associate Director.

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Lewis Kirk promoted to Associate

Lewis has been growing his role through his work on a live masterplan project, taking a leading role within the team with increasing focus on client and public facing roles. Having Joined Leonard Design as a Part I Assistant in 2011, Lewis has by now had a hand in most areas of the business from interiors to on-site delivery and even a cameo as our IT department. In recent years Lewis has been focussed on guiding projects through the planning system.

Through his work, Lewis has led the development of the masterplan from first principles, through various viability hurdles and on to the comprehensive application that is now out for consultation. Leonard Design were newcomers to the life-science sector at the start of the project and Lewis has built strong relationships and reputation, with positive feedback coming from key figures within the client team. Lewis has taken a leading position in client and public facing roles including presenting and defending the scheme during the ongoing engagement with planning officers and, public and political stakeholders.

Lewis sits on the Design Excellence group and is an occasional Leonard Green contributor. Through his work with the Design Excellence team Lewis created and championed the ‘Design Highlights’ initiative which has been developed in partnership with the new Flo-10 system and is now getting strong engagement from across the team and is promoted to Associate.

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Liz Chamberlain promoted to Associate

Liz joined Leonard Design in 2022. Prior to joining Leonard Design, she had over 12 years of experience working in commercial practices throughout the Midlands, leading several overseas schemes and more local projects also. Since joining Leonard Design Liz led the team for a large-scale project through to RIBA Stage 5 and has more recently been involved with a variety of smaller scale projects.

In addition to her project work, Liz has been a member of the Design Excellence team, chaired the Seniors Group and is a Design Tutor at Nottingham Trent University for the undergraduate and master’s interior architecture courses. We’re happy to announce Liz has been promoted to Associate.

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Robyn Lim promoted to Project Architect

Robyn has been growing her role and experience within the team since she joined Leonard Design back in 2015. She has since gained her professional qualification with the company and has been involved in multiple projects in various classes and scale, from large shopping centres to marketplaces to entertainment centres.

For the past 3 years Robyn played a key role in the successful delivery of an incredibly complex roll out project, whilst meeting expectations from client and contractors. Following a successful client relationship, she then continued to lead and support the client with their new venture with ongoing projects around the globe. More recently Robyn has been a key member working closely with another client and council in securing the £25 million project with an ambitious timeline.

As part of the company’s new venture with Citrus, Robyn has been heavily involved in the coordination between key holders in seeking potential investors, and in addition to her project work, Robyn has been one of the driving forces behind Leonard Grow, engaging and encouraging hydroponic growing and green living which has led to multiple collaboration with companies across the UK and she has been promoted to Project Architect.

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Shona Sivamohan promoted to Project Architect

Shona first joined the Leonard Design team in 2015 as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant. She spent her first 3 months in the Kuala Lumpur office before joining the Nottingham team and had the opportunity to work on several projects in both offices.

We were pleased to have her re-join the team in 2018 as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant after completing her Masters in Edinburgh. She jumped straight in, working on an ever-demanding project and completing her Part 3 course whilst qualifying as a yoga instructor within a year.

More recently, Shona has taken on key roles and responsibilities, particularly on the Stage 2 coordination of a large-scale project. She has impressed us with her successful coordination of more than ten buildings within a complex masterplan and her management of the collaboration with other disciplines on the scheme. She has continuously shown her enthusiasm in the company and industry as our in-house yoga instructor, CPD organiser, an ambassador for the Architects Benevolent Society and RIBA mentor. It has been a pleasure to see Shona grow over the years and we are delighted to announce her promotion to Project Architect.

Please join us in congratulating them all on their promotions.

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