A collage with dining, travel, and leisure photos: a gourmet dish, a chic restaurant, jet skiing, diving, a couple dining, an underwater scuba diver, an architectural castle masterpiece, a pasta dish, a group of people with a woman in the foreground, and a vibrant theater performance.

The Golden Ticket initiative has a couple of categories – Food and Beverage and Entertainment. Therefore, each team member was able to go out and enjoy a meal of their choosing as well as partaking in an entertainment experience they had always wanted to!

The food and beverage Golden Ticket allowed each team member to visit a restaurant of their choosing and to invite a guest to enjoy it with. The bill was paid for by Leonard Design, and all we asked for in return was a selfie and to hear what yummy food was eaten! At each monthly team meeting we celebrated (and salivated) over the scrumptious food and saw our team enjoying something special.

As with the food & beverage ticket the Entertainment Golden Ticket could be enjoyed with a guest. The experience could be anything from going to the Opera in Italy, jet skiing in Malaysia, attending the Commonwealth Games, scuba diving in Tenerife or watching Nottingham Forest at Old Trafford. It was fantastic to see the team heading out for memorable experiences including multiple members of the team choosing to celebrate wedding anniversaries and even re-visiting their wedding locations.

These initiatives only work if the entire team jump in, take part and support/encourage one another. There is no doubt that the team fully jumped in and celebrated getting out for great food and amazing entertainment. We wanted to do a big thank you to our amazing team for sharing their experiences and having fun with loved ones!

And the good news, it went so well we are doing it all again in 2023!

If you think this sounds like an amazing reason to work for Leonard Design or would like to learn more about our culture, please contact us.

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