The Away Day Returns – And It Was Worth The Wait!

Earlier this month, three Leonard Design offices came together for the annual away day. A highlight of the year for many, this event has not been held since 2019. With a three-year hiatus, the team were very happy to be together again.

Team members from our Nottingham, London and Berlin offices met at our Nottingham office to start the day together. The away day was organised in-house and in secret so that no one knew what was planned. To start the day the team were supplied breakfast, goodie bags, maps, chocolate, survival bracelet, team cards and the essential drinks tokens for the pub! Meeting in Nottingham also gave the London and Berlin office chance to appreciate how much the city had changed in three years, they were all very impressed.

Now all together, the Leonard Design team headed to Newstead in the Nottinghamshire countryside. Upon arriving the team set-off on a very conversational walk towards Newstead Abbey, our first destination. The brisk walk was a perfect start to the day allowing many of the team to catch-up and mingle along the way.

After the initial walk the team arrived at Newstead Abbey, perhaps best known as the ancestral home of Lord Byron. The team at the Abbey were fantastic hosts and made everyone feel extremely welcome. Following an informative tour of the Grade 1 listed building, the team sat down for a well-earned lunch in the house kitchen.

Fully replenished, and culturally enriched, the team set off on another walk through the English countryside. During these moments together it became apparent how hard it can be to laugh together over video calls. The away day was a brilliant example of improving wellbeing and giving the team a sense of togetherness and unity.

To complete the day, the Leonard Design team descended upon a local pub for food, drinks and fun. The evening also included a pub quiz, hosted by Jamie who had regularly created quizzes for our team online. Needless to say, it was better in-person!

The annual away day is just one of the initiatives Leonard Design has to look after the team and improve wellbeing. For more information about what it is like to work at Leonard Design, head to our Culture + Careers page, button below. Currently, there are a number of opportunities to join the team too, and a CV is not required, only the interest and drive to join the team.