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It is our quest to consistently deliver ‘ideas that excite’, and so it is always extremely satisfying to be acknowledged by our peers for the design excellence of our projects.

The image features the text "AJ 100" in a minimalist design. "AJ" is in a black square with white lettering, followed by "100" in bold black numerals on a gray background, reflecting the precision of architecture and masterplanning.

Published annually since 1995, the AJ100 ranks the largest architectural practices in the UK. It is largely regarded as a key measure of success and the industry’s most authoritative list.

Company Awards

AJ100 (Since 2017)

Two black and teal award badges on a grey background showcase Leonard Design's achievements. The badge on the left features a red "b" logo, stating "Very Good To Work For 2022" with "" The badge on the right reads "Best Improver Mid-Sized Companies Special Award Winner 2022

Best Companies 2022
Most Improved Mid-Sized Company: Winner. Rank #102 in UK.


Best Companies 2022

A circular architectural design against a dark background. The layout features a central star-shaped structure in red, surrounded by green spaces and variously shaped sections in light green and teal. Pathways connect the sections, creating a cohesive graphic design inspired by modern interior aesthetics.

2021 Wolfson Economics Prize

Healthcare Design

Starfish Hospitals

A modern, multi-story building by Leonard Design features glass windows and an orange, striped facade. The ground floor has signage reading "Brent's Cross Car Park." A black car and several orange construction barriers are visible around a circular road in front of the architectural marvel.

2022 Constructing Excellence Awards East Midlands
Integration and Collaborative Working: Winner. Project of the Year: Highly Commended.


Broad Marsh Bus Station and Car Park

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Aerial view of a large countryside area with a mix of residential buildings, green fields, wooded areas, and a central large building showcasing masterplanning excellence. The landscape includes winding roads and patches of trees with open farmland surrounding the developed area.

2022 Brownfield Awards
Best Sustainable Brownfield/Urban
Regeneration/Infrastructure Scheme
Highly Commended.


Ironbridge Masterplan, Shropshire

A modern multi-story building with large windows is situated at a street corner, showcasing impressive architecture. Several pedestrians, some carrying shopping bags, cross the street in front of the building. The sky is clear with a few clouds, and other buildings are visible in the background.

British Council Offices Awards 2020
Highly Commended: Corporate Workplace (North).


Grosvenor House, Sheffield

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Exterior view of a modern cinema building at dusk, featuring large windows and linear facade lighting. Designed by Leonard Design, the sign reads "The Arc Cinema" in red and white letters. The surroundings include lit street lamps and a tram line in the foreground, demonstrating sleek graphic design integration.

2021 East Midlands Property Awards
Shortlisted in Two Categories.


Beeston Town Centre, Nottingham

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A modern, multi-story building with large windows, labeled "The Waterside" at dusk. The sky features a blend of purple and pink hues, and a leafless tree is visible to the right. Warm indoor lights designed by Leonard Design enhance the inviting atmosphere seen through the windows.

2021 Insider Residential Property Awards
Midlands Apartment Development of the Year.


The Waterside Apartments, Nottingham

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A modern, multi-story building with a sleek, contemporary design featuring large glass windows and balconies. The facade is a mix of white, grey stone, and green accents. The front showcases masterplanning with well-maintained landscaping, including shrubs and a small garden. The sky is clear and blue.

International Property Awards/Africa 2014
Best Architecture Multiple Residence Mauritius.

Best Apartment Mauritius.
Best Architecture Multiple Residence Africa (Regional Winner).
Best Residential Development Mauritius.


Azuri Phase 1, Mauritius

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A vibrant outdoor shopping center with modern buildings and colorful storefronts, showcasing stunning interior design, surrounds a large central pond. People are boating in the pond, and palm trees are scattered throughout. The area is bustling with visitors walking along the pathways and enjoying the amenities.

2014 AECC (Spanish Association of Shopping Centres)
Best Shopping Centre in Spain.

MAPIC 2013
Best Retail and Leisure Centre in the World.


Puerto Venecia, Zaragoza, Spain

A modern shopping mall with large glass windows, shaded outdoor seating areas, and lush green landscaping showcases stunning architecture. Inside, the interiors are meticulously designed. People are seen walking and sitting near a pond with fountains under a clear sky dotted with a few clouds.

Vision 2030 Status
Awarded by the Government of Kenya in July 2013, in recognition of its potential economic growth impact.

LEED Gold (pre-certification)
First in Kenya.


Garden City, Nairobi

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A spacious multi-level shopping mall interior designed by Leonard Design showcases a variety of stores and eateries. The upper level features a glass railing with a sign for "Chaobaby," while the lower level is bustling with people dining and shopping. Modern architectural elements and bright lighting accentuate the space.

BCSC 2012, Gold Award
For refurbishment project – Leonard Design did concept and schematic design for the food court remodelling and kiosk design.


Meadowhall Sheffield, Oasis Foodcourt

Aerial view of a cityscape at sunset, featuring a bright, modern sports stadium, multi-story buildings showcasing innovative architecture, and illuminated infrastructure. The masterplanned network of roads and bridges crisscrosses the scene as the sky glows with warm orange and purple hues transitioning to night.

Excellent Rating.

2014 Retail Recycling Champion Award
For Excellence in Waste Management.

2014 Green Apple Gold
Environmental Best Practice.

2013, 2014, 2015 Group Travel Awards
Best Shopping Venue for Groups.

2013, 2014 Group Leisure Awards
Best Shopping Venue for Groups.

2012 Property Awards
Urban Regeneration Award.

2012 Oracle Retail Week
Retail Destination of the Year.

2012 Constructing Excellence Awards Winner
Building Project of the Year.

2012 London Planning Awards
Best Built Project Commendation.

2012 ICSC Regeneration Distinction Winner
In conjunction with London Borough of Newham.

2012 ICSC New Development (Extra Large)
In conjunction with London Borough of Newham.

2011 BCSC Gold Awards Winner
Retail Property Development >300,000 sqft.


Westfield Stratford

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Aerial night view of an expansive cityscape with a large, brightly lit modern building complex at the center, surrounded by dense urban areas. Streets and buildings are illuminated, showcasing a bustling city ambiance—an impeccable example of masterplanning in urban development.

2012 Group Leisure Awards
Best Shopping Centre.

2011 ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards
Best New Development: Extra Large.

2011 Oracle Retail Week Awards
Retail/Leisure International Destination of the Year.

2011 UK Inbound Award Winner
Retail Destination of the Year.

2011 Group Leisure Awards
Best Shopping Centre.

2010 ICSC Awards
Shopping Centre of Europe.

2010 UK Inbound Awards
Tourism Shopping Destination Winner.

2009 MAPIC Awards
Best Shopping Centre in Europe.

2009 BCSC Gold Awards
Shopping Centre of the Year
(among those over 300,000 sq ft).

2009 BCSC Gold Awards
Supreme Award for Best Overall Scheme.

2009 Global Retail and Leisure International Awards
Winner: Shopping Centre of the Year.

2009 Global Retail and Leisure International Awards
Highly Commended: International Retail and Leisure Destination of the Year.


Westfield London

The image depicts two certification logos. On the left is the Intertek certification logo featuring "ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001" text. On the right is the UKAS Management Systems logo with a check mark and crown, and the number "014" below it—a mark of quality often found in interior design projects.


International Standards Organisation

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