A futuristic cosmetics store with sleek, modern design elements by Leonard Design. Shoppers and staff interact with various beauty products and digital displays. The space features white floors, a high-tech ceiling with lighting, and branded sections like CHANEL and makeup stations, showcasing masterplanning in interiors.
Lotte Duty Free at Brisbane Airport, Australia

In the age of e-commerce, physical stores maintain their relevance due to the demand for immediacy and convenience. While online shopping offers unparalleled accessibility, physical stores offer immediate access, hands-on interaction, and instant gratification. A physical store’s success also hinges on its location and its ability to meet the needs and preferences of its target customers.

Airports and train stations are prime examples of multi functional locations that offer a plethora of retailing opportunities, unique dining experiences, and experiential spaces. These transportation hubs attract a diverse and captive audience of travellers, making them highly attractive for retailers and food service providers looking to capitalize on the steady flow of foot traffic. At Leonard Design, we understand how to seamlessly integrate strong retail narratives into these spaces, integrate and consider commercial requirements and capitalise on the passing trade.

Our approach taken at Melbourne Airport to develop the winning concept for Lotte Duty Free illustrates the importance of creating a balanced mix of offerings in transport hubs while also leveraging adjacent spaces to drive cross-category spend and enhance the overall customer experience.

By designing a walk-through journey with a series of immersive retail experiences, the concept engaged customers on a deeper level, turning shopping into an experiential adventure. This approach goes beyond traditional duty-free shopping by creating memorable moments that resonate with travellers. Carving the 5,000sqm unit into distinct scenes, each referencing a different aspect of Melbourne, added spatial characterization and diversity to the shopping experience. This approach not only provides variety but also allows customers to explore different themes and products tailored to their interests. Introducing permeable transition lane ways between scenes encourages customers to explore and move seamlessly between different product categories. This strategy promotes cross-category spend by exposing customers to a wider range of offerings and experiences.

Incorporating elements inspired by Melbourne’s famous lane ways and vibrant streetscapes adds a sense of local creativity and authenticity to the shopping environment. By celebrating the city’s culture and heritage, the concept resonates with both local residents and international travellers, enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

A modern airport terminal corridor, masterplanned by Leonard Design, features passengers walking and pulling luggage. The brick walls are adorned with greenery and have various shops, including a beauty and cosmetics store. The ceiling has a shiny, reflective surface with recessed lighting.
Lotte Duty Free at Melbourne Airport, Australia

Designing a space to reflect its sense of place involves capturing the essence and character of the surrounding environment, culture, and community. Considerations include, contextual understanding, integration with surroundings, cultural sensitivity, designing a space for functionality and purpose, flexibility, engagement and aesthetic appeal. Integrating sustainable design principles to minimize the environmental impact of the space and enhance its long-term resilience is also paramount.

At Brisbane Airport, our design celebrates the unique culture of Brisbane, ensuring a warm welcome for visitors not only to the 2032 Olympics but also beyond. Expanding the Duty-Free area to a generous 5,000 sqm, our design prioritizes sustainability while honouring Brisbane’s cultural and natural landscape. We strike a delicate balance between spaciousness and intimacy, creating explorative areas that invite passengers to engage with their surroundings. Drawing inspiration from Brisbane’s diverse canopies, both natural and engineered, our design features dual canopy types that encapsulate the city’s essence.

Overall, the winning concept for Lotte Duty Free at Brisbane Airport demonstrates the importance of innovation, creativity, and locality-centric design in transforming traditional retail spaces into dynamic and immersive environments. By leveraging local culture and creating memorable experiences, the concept sets a new standard for airport retailing and establishes Brisbane Airport as a destination in its own right.

A modern airport duty-free shop with various premium liquor displays showcases exceptional interior design. Shoppers, including a woman with a rolling suitcase, browse the brightly lit, spacious store. Well-known brands are displayed on illuminated shelves under a sleek, contemporary ceiling architecture.
Lotte Duty Free at Brisbane Airport, Australia

As well as spending their time shopping in airports and train stations, travellers also seek relaxation opportunities, prompting the need for dual-use spaces integrating information, seating and public areas.

In preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Incheon International Airport Corporation commissioned a feature interior landmark for Terminal 2. They sought a visually striking yet functional design. We aimed to create a design that held symbolic significance fitting for an international airport and Olympic gateway. The Landmark’s dynamic form establishes a strong presence within the terminal’s vast space to create a visual feature and intuitive way finding piece. Its open form carefully preserves sight lines to adjacent retail areas and seamlessly incorporates the two customer service desks and public seating.

A futuristic, spacious airport terminal designed by Leonard Design features high ceilings, large windows, and sleek architectural elements. People are seated and walking around, with a duty-free store in the background. The interior showcases reflective surfaces and modern design elements.
The Landmark at T2 Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Leonard Design recognizes the significant potential of airports and train stations as profitable retail environments. By offering a wide variety of products and services, elevating the overall passenger experience, and fostering innovation, these dynamic hubs remain thriving centres of commerce and cultural exchange.

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