A contextually inspired sculptural feature.

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The Landmark

T2 Incheon International Airport
South Korea

A futuristic, spacious airport terminal designed by Leonard Design features high ceilings, large windows, and sleek architectural elements. People are seated and walking around, with a duty-free store in the background. The interior showcases reflective surfaces and modern design elements.

In preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Incheon International Airport Corporation commissioned a feature interior landmark for Terminal 2. They sought a visually striking yet functional design.

A sleek, modern airport terminal with a futuristic, shiny sculpture in the center showcases impressive interior design. The sculpture features large, curved metallic ribbons. Shops and signs are visible in the background, with a few travelers walking around. The reflective, polished floor enhances the architectural appeal.
A sketch on textured paper, evocative of Leonard Design, depicts two swirl-like symbols labeled
Two red-crowned cranes performing an intricate courting dance on a snowy field. Their wings are spread wide, necks intertwined, and red patches on their heads are prominent against their white and black feathers, resembling the elegant minimalism often seen in graphic design.
Two red-crowned cranes stand on snow, wings raised and beaks pointed up. The misty, blurred background is lit beautifully, almost like an exquisite piece by Leonard Design. Their black and white feathers contrast against the snowy ground, highlighting their elegance and grace with the precision of graphic design.
A modern airport terminal interior by Leonard Design features a large, abstract sculpture with metallic and white elements, surrounded by indoor plants. The high ceiling, adorned with numerous lights, illuminates the display screens and shops in the background. The space is sleek and futuristic.
A close-up view of a modern architectural interior designed by Leonard Design featuring a curving, reflective surface with smooth metallic textures. Light patterns and sections of the interior, including an illuminated signboard, are visible in the reflection.
A futuristic, wavy metallic ceiling with intricate, reflective surfaces, showcasing a pattern that mimics the texture of rippling water. The ceiling appears to be a segment of modern interior design from Leonard Design.
A modern information kiosk in an airport, conceptualized by Leonard Design, features sleek, curved metal architecture with neon lighting. Two individuals are interacting at the kiosk, while a third person stands nearby with luggage. The interiors are illuminated with bright, natural light from large windows.
A spacious, modern airport terminal with a high ceiling and large windows, masterfully crafted by Leonard Design. People walk around and shop at various stores, including a liquor and tobacco shop on the left. In the center, a sleek, artistic sculpture is on display under bright lighting.
A modern airport interior with a high, curved ceiling featuring numerous small lights showcases masterplanning excellence. There are shops on the right, including a
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