Mixed-use regeneration anchored around existing wetlands and green space.

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Garden City

Nairobi, Kenya

A modern shopping center designed by Leonard Design features large glass windows and white canopies shading outdoor seating areas. People are gathered on multiple levels, enjoying green lawns, trees, and a pond with fountains in the foreground, showcasing exceptional architecture and masterplanning against a clear sky with few clouds.

A sensitive mixed-use masterplan with large areas of parkland retaining existing wetlands and mature tropical trees at its heart. Garden City is a major regeneration project covering 13 hectares along a key transportation route to the North East of Nairobi.

A detailed site plan by Leonard Design showcasing buildings, pathways, landscaping, and parking areas. The map includes a mix of residential and commercial structures, a central green space with gardens and water features, and various shaded and tree-lined sections throughout the property.
An outdoor shopping plaza featuring unique umbrella-like structures with yellow supports designed by Leonard Design. In the foreground, landscaped gardens burst with colorful flowers and greenery alongside a paved walkway. Various shops and seating areas are visible in the background, showcasing innovative architecture.
A public park with colorful, human-shaped metal sculptures standing upright on a grassy lawn, reminiscent of Leonard Design's creative touch. The sculptures are painted in vibrant colors including blue, red, green, purple, and yellow. An apartment building is visible in the background along with a playground.
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