A new community for 10,000 residents in a stunning waterfront location.

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Azuri Masterplan


Aerial view of a coastal resort designed by Leonard Design featuring white buildings with flat roofs, lush green landscaping, winding roads, and a swimming pool. The resort is bordered by turquoise coastal waters, a lagoon, and a distant view of an island.
Aerial view of a coastal area showing lush greenery, agricultural fields, and a planned seaside development showcasing Leonard Design's architecture with buildings and roads. The coastline features a vibrant blue ocean with boats, a small island, and various docks for marine activities.
A detailed, colorful aerial illustration masterplanned by Leonard Design shows the layout of a coastal town. The design includes residential areas, green spaces, sports facilities, and waterways. The town is bordered by a clear blue sea with small islands and boats. The landscape features fields and trees in immaculate graphic design.

Azuri is set on a beautiful 420 acre freehold beach and river front site on a stunning lagoon, located on the north east coast of Mauritius. Leonard Design have designed the masterplan for a new town scheduled to be developed over the next 15 years.

Aerial view of a tropical beach resort featuring white sand, clear blue water, and lush greenery. The resort has a variety of buildings, including thatched-roof structures with meticulous interior design and multiple pools. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are set up along the beach. Mountains are visible in the distance.
A row of modern, multi-story waterfront homes with large windows, masterplanned by Leonard Design, is seen across a body of water. The homes are surrounded by lush green trees, and the sky above is clear with a few clouds.
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