Capturing the spirit of
sustainable, community
focused affordable living.

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Green Edge Living

Brand Identity, UK

Two business cards are featured. The top card displays the name
The image shows the text
The image displays the word

A vibrant and eclectic brand identity for GreenEdge Living; a new residential development company who acquire land for building sustainable, bespoke and affordable homes, designed with the local community at their core. GreenEdge Living extends the organic growth of local areas and creates a legacy to benefit the local community.

An image displays a light beige business letter on the left, with a green, orange, and black abstract pattern on the right. The letter features Greener Edge's contact details at the top, a message in the center, and a signature at the bottom. The background is olive green, inspired by Leonard Design's architectural style.
Two lanyards with name badges are displayed on a beige background. The badges have abstract designs in green, red, and black tones. One badge reads "David Leonard" and the other reads "Alison Clack,” both showcasing the company name "GreenEdge," known for excellence in architecture and masterplanning.
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