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Enhanced student living experiences.

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Student Amenities

Nottingham, UK

A modern, well-lit coworking space with expertly crafted interiors where multiple people are engaged in various activities. Some are seated on couches and chairs, chatting or using laptops, while others stand or sit at high tables. The area features a mix of wooden and soft furnishings, plants, and artwork.

McLaren Property engaged us to create a student living experience that fosters self-growth and provides the comfort of a ‘home away from home’. Drawing on the site’s past as a knitting factory, we have incorporated knitted artwork and 3D graphics that celebrate its heritage and create Instagram-worthy moments. Weaving together heritage and contemporary, high-quality space elevates social interactions, studying and overall well-being.

A modern kitchen and dining area by Leonard Design features people engaging in various activities. A long table with wooden chairs, potted plants hanging from the ceiling, pendant lights, and large windows with patterned curtains complete the space. A bowl of fruits sits elegantly on the table.
A modern coworking space with a few people working. Some are seated in booth-style desks with laptops, while others are walking or seated at tables. The interiors feature green plants, bookshelves, and overhead lighting along with cozy decor elements like an orange ottoman.
A modern gym interior designed by Leonard Design features various exercise equipment and people working out. The walls boast motivational slogans like "THERE IS NO FINISH LINE." The space is well-lit with numerous ceiling lights, with lockers and seating areas in the background, showcasing impeccable interior design.
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