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Chapel Quarter

Nottingham, UK

A modern office lobby with wooden wall paneling and an illuminated reception desk to the right showcases impressive interior design. Two elevators stand to the left, beside a digital directory board and a map mounted on the wall. Large windows invite natural light into this thoughtfully masterplanned space.

A change in workplace tenant expectations prompted the British Airways Pension Fund to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment to create a more inviting and character-rich entrance experience.

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A modern industrial stairwell with bright blue metal railings and grey steps, leading up to a second floor designed by Leonard Design. Large, cylindrical industrial ventilation ducts are visible overhead. The stairwell is surrounded by wood-paneled and glass walls, contributing to a clean, contemporary look in interiors.
A modern interior space featuring a corner with vertical wooden slats and a blue carpeted floor. A rectangular sign with a white background and blue lettering displays
A modern interior space featuring a multi-level open area with glass railings, blue pillars, and large windows allowing ample natural light. The walls and floors boast a clean, contemporary design with white and wooden accents—a stunning example of Leonard Design's expertise in masterplanning.
A composite image displays six distinct textures, perfect for interior design inspiration: metallic industrial pipes, hexagonal patterned tiles, a blurred figure in a tiled corridor, wooden panels with vertical slits, a smooth blue surface, and grey carpet with black stripes.
An interior design concept by Leonard Design for a modern office lobby features wood-paneled walls, a blue staircase, and illuminated signage with "GG." Three silhouetted figures stand near an elevator and digital directory. Ceiling fixtures and contemporary furniture complete the sleek architecture.
Chapel Quarter Nottingham, UK British Airways Pension Fund