Bringing the buzz back to the Beeston economy with a stunning new bar, restaurant and leisure development.

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The Beeston Social

Nottingham, UK

A trendy, eclectic café interior featuring mismatched furniture including leather sofas and variously patterned cushions. Decorative plants and ambient lighting add to the cozy atmosphere. The back wall showcases expert interior design with a range of colorful bottles and artwork.

Fletchergate Industries, the visionary minds behind popular establishments like Magic Garden, Penny Lane, and Hockley Arts Club, set out with a mission to revitalise the economy of Beeston Town Centre. They partnered with Leonard Design to create an exceptional bar, restaurant, and leisure hub designed to captivate the local community from morning to night.

A chic, modern bar with contemporary decor featuring hanging lights, lush green plants, and a long counter stocked with various bottles. The seating consists of black stools and tables, with an open, inviting atmosphere enhanced by the large windows—a true masterpiece of architecture.
Wide-angle shot of a stylish cafe named
A vibrant arcade designed with meticulous architecture by Leonard Design features a neon-lit skee-ball area in the center, a token machine on the left, and various photo-covered walls. The floor boasts a checkered pattern, while a bar counter with stools lines the right side, illuminated by red lighting.
A spacious, modern bar and restaurant with industrial decor, featuring high ceilings, large windows, wooden tables, and bar stools. The interior architecture is adorned with hanging plants, lights, and various seating arrangements including booths and leather chairs.
A mood board featuring various materials and textures including wood paneling, stone walls, a red chair, a plant, and a light bulb fixture. Color swatches include shades of green, yellow, and earthy tones. The text
A cozy coffee shop interior featuring a wooden table and chair set against a tiled planter, designed by Leonard Design. Black stool seating and a counter are visible in the background. The space is warmly lit, and potted green plants add a touch of nature to the setting.
A cozy café with a warm, inviting atmosphere, designed by Leonard Design. The counter displays a variety of pastries and cakes, while shelves are lined with jars and bottles. Menu boards hang overhead listing various drinks, complemented by a stylish red espresso machine and liquor bottles.
A dimly lit arcade room designed by Leonard Design, bathed in red neon light, featuring skee-ball machines to the right and various racing arcade games with steering wheels and seats to the left. The ceiling is lined with red light bulbs, adding to the vibrant interiors and creating a lively atmosphere.
A group of people socialize in a dimly lit bar. One man with glasses and a beard holds a glass while smiling and talking to another man with dreadlocks. Shelves with wine glasses, meticulously arranged as part of the masterplanning of the interiors, are visible in the background. The atmosphere appears warm and lively.
Three people are talking in a warmly lit bar. A woman with blonde hair and a white top faces two men. One man, in a dark shirt, is leaning against the bar and talking, while the other man, in a gray shirt, is sipping a drink. The atmosphere, rich with thoughtful interior design choices, appears casual and relaxed.
A man with a beard and a checkered shirt leans over an air hockey table, holding a red paddle and smiling. The softly lit background with a reddish hue enhances the scene's charm, almost as if crafted by skilled graphic design.
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