Appealing to a new generation of luxury shoppers.

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Avenuel Contemporary Fashion

Seoul, South Korea

A modern indoor shopping space with a luxurious curved ceiling design, featuring gold and white accents. Brown leather chairs are lined up along the reflective marble floor, and a colorful area with spools of thread and artistic wall décor, showcasing masterplanning in interiors and graphic design, is visible on the right.

Avenuel, South Korea’s leading luxury department store, aimed to modernise the design of its interiors to appeal to a new generation of luxury shoppers. Collaborating with the client, we created a dynamic hybrid model spanning seven retail levels, breaking away from traditional segmented layouts. The fifth floor, targeting younger customers, adopted a dynamic borderless concept.

A modern retail store with a clean, glossy floor and well-lit interior. The space features minimalist clothing displays, including racks of clothes and shelves with bags. The ceiling’s unique geometric design elements reflect meticulous architecture, and several pillars are visible throughout the store.
A series of four architectural diagrams by Leonard Design showcases the design evolution of a building. The leftmost diagram features a detailed central hub with dynamic radial lines, while the three diagrams on the right, labeled One, Two, and Three, reveal masterplanning progression through simplified radial patterns.
A modern retail store interior designed by Leonard Design boasts a striking ceiling installation made of intertwined, net-like materials. The well-lit store features various sections showcasing clothing and accessories, while mirrored flooring reflects the eclectic ceiling decor.
A modern, well-lit clothing store with mannequins dressed in winter apparel, including jackets and coats. Masterplanning is evident in the clean lines, glass walls, polished wood and marble floors. The store's interior design features multiple clothing racks displaying various garments. The "theory" brand logo is visible.
A modern retail store interior by Leonard Design, featuring a wooden kiosk displaying leather goods and accessories. The store is well-lit with numerous hanging light fixtures. Clothing racks and additional shopping areas are visible in the background, showcasing exemplary architecture and masterplanning.
Avenuel Contemporary Fashion Seoul, South Korea Interiors Projects Lotte Shopping Appealing to a new generation of luxury shoppers