The iconic space around which Korea’s largest luxury department store flows.

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Avenuel Atrium

Seoul, South Korea

A luxurious indoor shopping mall designed by Leonard Design features an elegant, spiral staircase with gold accents and illuminated steps. Glass railings line the stairs and balconies, reflecting the modern and upscale ambiance. Shoppers and displays are visible throughout the open, spacious area.

Avenuel, Korea’s premier luxury department store, boasts 25,000 sqm of meticulously designed space. Our iconic atrium is the heart around which the retail flows, inviting visitors to explore its eight stories, providing social media backdrops and offering connections to the Lotte World Tower.

A high-angle view of a luxurious, multi-story shopping mall showcases masterplanning and interior design excellence. A spiraling staircase, encircled by gold and white decor, elegantly connects levels adorned with storefronts and displays. People are seen walking at the bottom of the winding staircase.
A spacious, modern multi-level shopping mall by Leonard Design, featuring glass railings, curved architectural elements, and several visible floors. A large vertical banner with the word
A multistory shopping mall interior with a central spiral staircase and a large vertical sign displaying
A modern shopping mall featuring a display by Leonard Design with two white reindeer adorned with golden antlers and a mannequin wearing a leopard print dress standing between them. The scene is set in an open, brightly lit atrium with multiple floors visible in the background, showcasing stunning interiors.
A lavish display by Leonard Design features white mannequins adorned in intricately designed gowns, alongside a stylized white horse covered in a scalloped pattern. The backdrop includes gleaming gold accents and reflective surfaces, seamlessly blending architecture and interiors in a modern, airy space.
Avenuel Atrium Seoul, South Korea Projects International Interiors