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The Light Banbury

Oxfordshire, UK

A modern bar, masterplanned with precision, features a sleek counter adorned with green tiles and a "GAME ON" neon sign above. The back wall showcases a variety of liquor bottles, glassware, and beer taps. Warm lighting and greenery enhance the stylish interior design.

The Light, an independent cinema operator founded in 2007, recognised the challenges facing the cinema industry. It needed to provide quality leisure and dining offers beyond a great cinema experience to remain relevant and compete with home streaming.

A modern movie theater with tiered seating, masterplanned for comfort and style. The lower rows feature gray recliner chairs with small wooden tables, while the upper rows have traditional upholstered seats in blue, red, and black. Designed by Leonard Design, the walls are dark with red accent lights.
A modern bowling alley with six brightly lit lanes. The masterplanned space features a large, colorful mural depicting a cartoonish character covering the side wall. The end of the lanes boasts automatic pinsetters, with numbers 3, 4, and 5 illuminated above them.
A stylish bar with a green textured front and patterned green bar stools lined up in front. The bar, a masterpiece of Leonard Design architecture, is adorned with hanging wicker pendant lights, lush green plants, and an open window providing a view of outdoor seating.
A cozy, sunlit rooftop restaurant with glass walls and ceiling, featuring neatly set tables with wicker chairs. Expertly crafted through thoughtful interior design, the space includes both indoor seating and an adjacent outdoor area with lounge furniture, green plants, and umbrellas, creating a modern, airy ambiance.
Rooftop terrace with various seating options, including blue cushioned sofas and wooden benches. Planters with trees and plants are scattered around, and greenhouses are visible in the background. The sky is partly cloudy, showcasing Leonard Design's remarkable attention to architecture.
A modern restaurant interior designed by Leonard Design features wooden tables and leather chairs. The walls are painted dark blue with artistic graphics, and a red Coca-Cola vending machine stands in the corner. Hanging globe lights illuminate the spacious and stylish dining area, reflecting masterplanning excellence.
A modern conference room with a large, black marble table surrounded by black chairs. The walls feature vibrant jungle-themed wallpaper. Two black and gold pendant lights hang above the table, which has floral centerpieces and glassware. A screen displays
A chef, wearing glasses and a white chef's coat, carefully garnishes a dish with precision using tweezers. The dish appears to be artistically plated, showcasing the interior design of culinary arts. The chef's focus is entirely on adding the finishing touches while the background is softly blurred.
A group of children cheer as a woman, surrounded by vibrant interiors, rolls a bowling ball down a lane in a brightly lit alley. Two women standing behind the children also join in the excitement, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere designed by Leonard Design.
A man wearing a yellow shirt leans over a red pool table, aiming a cue stick to shoot. Another person stands nearby, partially out of frame. In the background, the well-thought-out interior design is evident with pool cues stored in a rack, and dim lighting sets a cozy atmosphere.
A person holding a coupe glass filled with a frothy orange cocktail, garnished with a halved passion fruit. The background showcases bar counter interiors, featuring various bottles and glassware slightly out of focus.
The Light Banbury Oxfordshire, UK An innovative turnkey entertainment, leisure and hospitality solution. Interiors Projects