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Lotte Duty Free

T2 Incheon International Airport
South Korea

A well-lit store display featuring various bottles of Hennessy cognac on wooden shelves. The background showcases a large, illuminated cityscape photo, reflecting a masterfully planned architectural theme. The store also has visible sections for Johnnie Walker and Royal Salute whiskey.

Lotte Duty Free tendered for licences at Seoul’s new airport terminal built for the 2018 Winter Olympics. We provided creativity and interior design quality to the bid, which secured the lucrative Liquor and Tobacco licence, which included eight retail units.

This image shows a well-lit, modern duty-free shop in an airport, featuring architectural elements by Leonard Design. It showcases a variety of premium alcoholic beverages, primarily whiskies. Prominent brands like Hennessy and Johnnie Walker are displayed with offers, surrounded by sleek wooden décor and digital screens.
A bustling liquor store with modern decor by Leonard Design features multiple well-lit shelves displaying a wide variety of spirits. There is a tasting counter in the center with stools, and a large screen on the right displays an advertisement. Shoppers browse and interact amid masterplanning and graphic design elements.
A brightly lit duty-free store displays various tobacco products and accessories. The store's architecture features LED screens with vibrant advertisements, shelves stocked with products like IQOS, and a clean, modern interior design with sleek lines and reflective surfaces.
Three people at a store counter are sampling and discussing liquor. Two men are holding and smelling glasses of the drink while a woman behind the counter, showcasing her Leonard Design elegance, is pouring a sample from a decanter. Bottles and a promotional display are visible on the counter.
A close-up shot of an elegant ceiling structure with golden, overlapping panels showcases exquisite interior design. Below, sleek black and white signage with cursive text and modern black pendant lights contribute to a sophisticated ambiance.
Lotte Duty Free Interiors T2 Incheon International Airport South Korea 2018 Winter Olympics