A contemporary reimagining of Korea’s premier luxury department store.

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Avenuel Premium Luxury

Seoul, South Korea

Experience a masterplanned, luxurious indoor shopping mall with a Cartier store on the left, featuring a curved wall and elegant signage. The interior design includes gold accents, modern lighting, and a striking golden leaf installation hanging from the ceiling. The floor is made of polished marble.

Avenuel, South Korea’s premier luxury department store, sought a modern design while maintaining the opulence of previous stores. Leonard Design, winners of an exclusive international competition, created 25,000 square metres of interior space which shapes the customer’s experience.

A modern, elegantly designed lobby with high ceilings, marble floors, and gold accents showcases impeccable interior design. Three artistic pendant lights hang from the ceiling. Two black chairs against the wall complement an elevator door on the right side, while vertical white panels add a sleek touch.
Aerial view looking down inside a modern multi-story shopping mall featuring Leonard Design interiors. The mall showcases a circular layout with a spiral staircase at the center, sleek white and beige interior design, multiple floors with glass railings, and some shoppers visible.
A modern shopping mall interior featuring sleek, curved architectural design showcases stunning interior design. Shiny marble floors and glass railings line the walkways. High-end stores such as Tasaki and De Beers are visible. Soft lighting and contemporary decor create a luxurious ambiance.
A spacious, modern shopping mall interior with sleek design elements by Leonard Design. The area features a central pillar with display cases labeled "Roulette" and a Tasaki store in the background. The overall color scheme is neutral, with white and gold accents highlighting the expert interior design.
A modern, upscale shopping mall with bright lighting, reflective surfaces, and glass railings. Leonard Design's stunning architecture showcases high-end store displays lining the marble floor hallway. Customers are seen on multiple levels, some using escalators, enhancing the luxurious shopping experience.
A luxurious mall display, designed by Leonard Design, features elegant chandeliers, tiered crystal glass arrangements, and an array of sparkling decor items. Set in front of high-end stores including Van Cleef & Arpels and Bvlgari, it creates an opulent, festive atmosphere.
Avenuel Premium Luxury Projects Interiors Seoul, South Korea A contemporary reimagining of Korea’s premier luxury department store. International