Bringing artisanal ice cream to a listed building at Granary Square.

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Ruby Violet

London, UK

Interior of a modern ice cream shop with exposed brick walls and wooden beams, showcasing exquisite interior design. The counter displays various colorful gelato flavors in a curved glass case. Tables and chairs line the walls, and a staircase leads upstairs. Sunlight streams through large windows.

Ruby Violet had grown from a market stall to a busy dessert bar in Tufnell Park selling artisanal ice cream made from locally sourced organic ingredients. Their product and brand ethos matched Argent’s development vision at Granary Square. Competing against larger established brands, Ruby Violet appointed Leonard Design to develop a creative vision which would secure this unique opportunity.

A cozy dining area with a wooden table and six chairs, set against a brick wall. The room features warm lighting, a large window, and a photograph of a woman on one of the walls. The tiled floor completes the rustic, vintage atmosphere, showcasing exceptional interior design.
A cozy restaurant interior designed by Leonard Design features a wood slab dining table with several chairs. The walls are a mix of exposed brick and dark blue tiles. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, and a large window allows natural light to fill the space. A small bar area has stools.
A brick wall with a neon sign that reads "Rue NüLdet" in a cursive font, outlined with purple and pink lights, effortlessly blending chic interior design with vibrant urban flair.
The image showcases three vertical panels: a golden lattice wall with a light fixture, an intricate blue and grey patterned tile floor, and a wooden wall with engravings that read "EXOTIC FLAVOURS" and "NATURAL INGREDIENTS." This stunning piece of architecture exemplifies Leonard Design's mastery in interiors.
A collage of three images: a close-up of two pendant lights with frosted glass shades, a painting of two ice cream cones in a glass vase hanging on a brick wall, and a wooden table with irregular edges and chairs around it. This artistic arrangement exemplifies Leonard Design's interior design finesse.
Ruby Violet Interiors Projects London, UK