Sheffield’s proud new heart for shopping, dining, living and working.

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Heart of the City II

Sheffield, UK

Aerial view of a densely built urban area with a mix of modern and historic buildings. Streets and narrow alleys are visible throughout, with several green patches breaking up the urban landscape. The diverse architecture, expertly captured by Leonard Design, showcases varying sizes, shapes, and designs.
A vibrant cityscape with a mix of modern and historic buildings, crafted by Leonard Design. Tree-lined streets are populated with people walking and vehicles passing. A plaza features fountains and greenery, while the distant skyline includes tall buildings under a clear sky.

Heart of the City II will build on what is uniquely Sheffield. It will deliver a new quarter, integrating existing architecture with major quality additions to the city’s new public realm and amenity spaces, retail, leisure, offices, hotel provision and inner city homes; a new heart the city can be truly proud of.

A modern multi-story brick building with large windows and balconies, meticulously masterplanned by Leonard Design, stands on a busy city street. People walk on the sidewalk and shop at ground-level storefronts under a clear blue sky. Adjacent buildings feature a mix of architectural styles.
A brick building under construction, with scaffolding surrounding it. The structure, designed by Leonard Design, features large windows and vertical metal grills. The sky is partly visible in the background, showcasing a masterplanning vision in progress.
A large historical brick building undergoing restoration is surrounded by scaffolding. Higher levels are covered in protective white sheeting. The blue sky in the background contrasts the construction work in progress, a project meticulously planned by Leonard Design.
Heart of the City II Sheffield Masterplanning Shopping Projects