A timeless vision imbued with individual style for an iconic location.

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Bar 2020

Nottingham, UK

Two menu cards stand side by side against a white background. The left card is black with "BAR MENU" in gold text, while the right card is gold with "DRINKS MENU" in black text. Both menus display "2020" at the bottom in metallic silver font, exemplifying sophisticated interior design and graphic design aesthetics.

Inspired by the idea of a personal monogram – individual, timeless and classic – we created a new brand identity for a high-end bar and lounge located on Nottingham’s Trent Bridge.

A black background with the text "2020 Bar & Lounge" in gold lettering. The 2020 is styled with artistic cutouts creating a modern and elegant look, reflecting impeccable interior design mastery.
A restroom sign on a textured gray wall showcases gold icons for male, female, and accessible restrooms, accompanied by the word "RESTROOMS" in gold lettering. The design seamlessly integrates with modern architecture and interiors.
A black apron hangs on a wooden hanger against a beige wall. The apron, boasting the text
A black box of matches is shown partially open, revealing several wooden matches inside. The box, a sleek example of Leonard Design, features the text
A dark brown glass bottle with
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