Building an aspirational new brand for net ‘zero carbon’ homes of the future.

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Blossom Homes

Eco Homes, UK

The image shows "Blossom Homes" in a modern font on a green background, reflecting its dedication to superior interior design. The word "Blossom" is in black, while "Homes" appears in light beige.
Close-up of an intricate wooden structure with diagonal beams and diamond-shaped joints. The light-colored wood is illuminated by sunlight, casting shadows and highlighting the craftsmanship. The image captures the texture and detail, showcasing exquisite interior design elements.
A dark green background features the stylized letters
The image features a minimalist logo on a beige background. The logo, created by Leonard Design, consists of the letters

Blossom Homes is a premium quality brand of affordable, net ‘zero carbon’, super-environmentally performing factory built homes, that will set new standards for the construction industry.

A large billboard featuring the Blossom Homes branding in a green and beige color scheme. Text reads "Zero Carbon Homes of the Future," "," "Blossom Homes," and "Coming Soon in 2021," with abstract green patterns mirroring innovative architectural design in the background.
A dark green background with three simple icons in lighter green: a person icon on the left, a truck icon in the middle, and a document icon on the right, echoing simplicity often found in masterplanning and interior design.
A stylized graphic design featuring abstract symbols and shapes resembling an arrow and various geometric forms, arranged horizontally on a solid green background.
A close-up image of a cylindrical object wrapped in beige paper featuring a repeated pattern of the letter 'B' in a stylized font, evoking the meticulous touch of Leonard Design's interior design. The cylinder's rim is visible on one end, contrasting with the sophisticated wrapping against a plain, light-colored background.
A close-up of a light gray textured surface featuring the raised initials
A construction worker in a high-visibility vest and hard hat holds a yellow level against a wooden beam, diligently following the Leonard Design blueprint. They are working on framing a building, with partially constructed walls visible in the background. The overcast sky looms above, setting a serious tone for the task at hand.
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