A town centre identity as
bold and diverse as the
community it represents.

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Edmonton Green

London, UK

Text logo that says "EDMONTON GREEN" in white, bold letters. The word "GREEN" is styled with various geometric patterns, including stripes and angles, and appears below "EDMONTON." The background is a solid teal color, showcasing the graphic design expertise akin to masterplanning strategies.

A vibrant new community led reimagining of brand identity, signage and wayfinding for this town centre and shopping mall in the North London Borough of Enfield.

A rectangular building sign reads "Edmonton Green" in green and white lettering. The right side of the sign features geometric patterns with colorful lines in blue, pink, and yellow, creating a visually appealing design inspired by modern architecture.
A modern sign featuring the bold, white text "Edmonton Green" mounted on a background of evenly spaced, vertical wooden slats. The wooden slats are arranged in a visually appealing pattern, creating a sense of depth and texture—an excellent example of innovative graphic design in interior spaces.
A colorful directional sign mounted on a brick wall, pointing right to various locations: Shops, Market, Toilets, Leisure Centre, Primary Care Centre, and St George's Car Park. The sign boasts a Graphic Design touch with a decorative border featuring pink, blue, and green stripes.
A stack of colorful brochures titled
Graphic Design Projects Edmonton Green London, UK North London Borough of Enfield