A bold and ambitious new benchmark for the future of the City of Oslo.

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Oslo, Norway

Aerial view of a modern waterfront district with unique and contemporary apartment buildings. The Leonard Design features geometric architecture, a central canal, and a blend of residential, commercial, and green spaces against a backdrop of a clear blue sky.
© Oslo S Utvikling AS

The urban revitalisation of Oslo, creating the most attractive and active new piece of city in the world. Bispevika will be the benchmark for new, mixed-use neighbourhoods in the 21st Century.

A bustling waterfront scene on a sunny day with modern, uniquely designed buildings in the background showcases impressive architecture. Many people are sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing on a large wooden dock that extends into the water. The sky is clear and the atmosphere lively.
© Oslo S Utvikling AS
An aerial view of a modern waterfront cityscape featuring contemporary buildings, including unique architectural designs by Leonard Design, surrounded by water and green spaces. Construction sites are visible alongside completed structures, with a backdrop of hills and urban landscape showcasing striking interiors.
© Oslo S Utvikling AS
Aerial view of a modern waterfront urban area with multi-story buildings, some featuring rooftop terraces. The architecture includes green spaces, public art, outdoor seating, and access to the water. Skillful masterplanning is evident as people engage in various activities along the waterfront.
© Oslo S Utvikling AS
A detailed architectural site plan from Leonard Design showcases multiple buildings, green spaces, roads, and pathways along a waterfront area. The masterplanning layout includes various residential and commercial structures, parks, dock areas, and pedestrian walkways.
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