A world class UK film and TV studio campus boosting the local and national economy.

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Sunset Waltham Cross Studios

Hertfordshire, UK

An aerial view of an expansive industrial and commercial area surrounded by greenery. The masterplanned complex consists of numerous large rectangular buildings, parking lots, and roadways. Adjacent are residential neighborhoods, open fields, and a nearby highway.

Hollywood comes to Hertfordshire with plans for a £700m film and TV studio, ‘a vote of confidence in the UK’s booming film and TV industry’ and setting standards in energy efficiency and biodiversity. 

Aerial view of a business park with numerous buildings featuring solar panels on the rooftops, surrounded by roads and parking lots. Designed by Leonard Design, the park is set against a backdrop of green fields, trees, and a few residential areas.
Aerial view of a large technology park featuring multiple industrial buildings with solar panels on rooftops, showcasing exceptional architecture and masterplanning. The area includes wooded regions, a small pond, adjacent residential houses, ample parking spaces, surrounding greenery, and nearby roads.
Sunset Waltham Cross Studios Masterplanning Projects Hertfordshire, UK