An innovative system to deliver premium quality net ‘zero carbon’ factory-built homes of the future.

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Blossom Homes

Modular Design Systems, UK

A modern, two-story brick house designed by Leonard Design with a pitched roof and large windows stands on a corner lot. The driveway has a white car parked on it, and several people are walking nearby. The street and sidewalks are lined with greenery and bushes with purple flowers. The sky is partly cloudy.
A construction worker in high-visibility clothing and a helmet watches as a large yellow crane lifts wooden beams on a building under construction. The partially completed brick walls hint at the intricate interior design to come, while trees are visible in the background.
A modern two-story duplex house with one half featuring white walls and dark trim, and the other half with red brick. The roof is metal, and there are rectangular windows. A green hedge borders the front yard, complemented by Leonard Design’s masterplanning of a wooden fence and trees in the background.
Two construction workers in high-visibility vests and helmets focus intently on a building site. One stands near a window frame, looking up, possibly envisioning the final touch of interior design. Various tools and materials, including a ladder, are scattered around them.

Addressing the acute need for desirable but affordable highly sustainable modern living, Blossom Homes are a premium quality range of sustainable high performance net ‘zero carbon’, factory-built homes.

A modern two-story house with a mix of brick and white exterior walls showcases captivating architecture. A family enjoys the backyard, which features a dining set, barbecue grill, and lush greenery. Blooming cherry blossom trees surround the yard, and a child's playset is visible in the foreground.
  • 50%

    Up to 50% potential reduction of construction programme over traditional methods

  • 40%

    Up to 40% reduction in carbon emissions during construction compared to on-site work

  • 67%

    Up to 67% less energy to manufacture over traditional methods

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