Sustainability, performance and identity create a unique campus of international film and television studios.

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Sunset Waltham Cross Studios

Hertfordshire, UK

A modern three-story office building with large windows showcases the striking architecture of "Sunset Studios" on its side. People are walking and sitting near the entrance, while a golf cart and a black truck are parked nearby. The background features a blue sky with scattered clouds.
An aerial view of a modern industrial business park showcases the stunning architecture of large, contemporary multi-story buildings labeled
A lively outdoor scene at a community gathering with numerous people socializing, sitting on the grass, and walking near buildings and trees. A striking example of Leonard Design architecture is in the background, with a

A state-of-the-art studio campus, a boost for UK and international film and television productions in Hertfordshire, that will set new standards in energy efficiency and biodiversity.

Aerial view of a large business complex designed by Leonard Design, featuring modern architecture with multiple buildings, roads, and parking areas surrounded by expansive green spaces and trees. A circular road intersection is visible in the foreground, with distant residential areas and fields in the background.
A modern office building with a
A digitally rendered scene of people enjoying a sunny park. The path is surrounded by grassy fields with scattered trees. Some individuals are walking dogs, riding bikes, or carrying children. Colorful buildings showcasing unique architecture are visible in the background under a blue sky with a few clouds.
A modern industrial building with large glass windows and a sign reading
  • 21

    Sound stages for indoor filming and recording

  • 9

    Workshops for set building, costumes, props and special effects engineering

  • 7

    Offices for studio production facilities with cast and crew focused rooms

Sunset Waltham Cross Studios Hertfordshire, UK Sustainability, performance and identity Sunset Studios Blackstone Hudson Pacific Architecture