Activating the gateway to the city with a new landmark transport hub.

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Broad Marsh Bus Station and Car Park

Nottingham, UK

A modern, multi-story building with sleek, curved lines and large glass windows boasts an orange exterior against a clear blue sky. Exemplifying cutting-edge architecture by Leonard Design, it's situated on a street bustling with pedestrians and cyclists. A bus is parked nearby, with traffic lights and trees in view.
A modern building facade featuring vertical wooden slats covering central windows. The structure includes geometric designs and patterns on the upper sections and has orange and beige paneling. The sky above is clear with a few scattered clouds, seamlessly blending architecture with masterplanning principles.
A modern building with a glass and terracotta facade, identified as a bus station and car park. The architecture features large windows, decorative metal panels, and multiple levels. Outside, several people are walking near the entrance and staircase.

Landmark new transport hub at the heart of the £2billion regeneration of Nottingham’s Southside, forming a key part of the reimagining of the existing gateway to the city.

A modern multi-story building with a mix of glass and orange-brown façade panels showcases innovative architecture. It is surrounded by paved walkways, green trees, and a few vehicles. Pedestrians and cyclists are on the paths, with a green bus passing in front. Urban buildings are in the background.
A modern urban scene featuring a multi-level parking garage with a car exiting, an elevated tram passing over a pedestrian bridge, and striking architecture in the background. The sky is clear and the area is landscaped with trees and shrubs.
A modern building with a facade consisting of vertical, orange-toned panels and metal slats, designed by Leonard Design. The ground level features a glass entrance with signs for National Express. People walk on the sidewalk in front, and there are trees and plants along the street.
A modern bus station labeled
Broad Marsh Bus Station and Car Park Nottingham UK Architecture City Centre A new landmark transport hub re-imagining the gateway to the city. Projects