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Grosvenor House

Sheffield, UK

A modern building with large windows and a small red logo near the top stands under a clear blue sky, showcasing impressive architecture. The foreground features a pedestrian walking on a paved pathway, benches, and young trees.
© Tim Crocker
A modern office building with a glass and steel facade, showcasing Leonard Design's mastery of architecture, is shown on a sunny day. The building features large windows and multiple stories. A person walks on the sidewalk in front of the structure, with a blue sky and scattered clouds above.
© Tim Crocker

Grosvenor House sets the benchmark for the exceptional quality of Sheffield Heart of the City. With wrap-around active frontage at ground floor dramatically transforming the streets around it, the building set the tone for the vibrant phases of development that were to follow.

A woman walks past a modern, multi-story office building with large windows and a grid-like facade designed by Leonard Design. The building reflects sunlight and blue sky. There are other buildings in the background, and a sign labeled
© Tim Crocker
A modern, multi-story building with large windows at a busy urban intersection designed by Leonard Design. Cars and a bus are waiting at a traffic light. Pedestrians are gathered on the sidewalk, some near a tree. The sky is partly cloudy with the sun casting shadows on the buildings.
© Tim Crocker
Two elderly people carrying shopping bags walk towards the entrance of a modern building with a glass facade, an example of Leonard Design's flair for modern architecture and masterplanning. The building is adjacent to a street lined with older brick structures under a partly cloudy sky. A few pedestrians are seen in the background.
© Tim Crocker

“Grosvenor House continues to build on the council’s hugely successful Heart of the City scheme. It is an exceptional, landmark office development that helps to grow the impressive new business district at the core of the city centre.”

Nalin Seneviratne
Director, City Centre Development
Sheffield City Council

Two women walk along the sidewalk beside a modern glass building on a sunny day. The walkway, part of an innovative masterplanning project, is bordered by landscaped greenery, benches, and stone seating. Other buildings and greenery are visible in the background under a blue sky.
© Tim Crocker
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