Creating a contemporary day-to-night student destination.

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Mooch Bar

Bar and Kitchen, Nottingham

A modern bar area with a sleek design by Leonard Design, featuring a long counter adorned with various bottles of liquor. High stools surround tall tables in the foreground. The bar counter has a red finish, and the lighting is subdued, creating a cozy ambiance. A neon sign with the text "Mooch" is visible.

The University of Nottingham Students’ Union enlisted Leonard Design to redesign the existing 400 square metre University Park Students’ Union Bar. The main goals were to create a destination for the students which catered for a mix of uses, and ensured the space was utilised day to night.

A modern recreational room featuring a pool table, a foosball table, and various seating areas. The interior design includes colorful geometric wall art and industrial metal mesh partitions. The room is well-lit with pendant lights and has a casual, inviting atmosphere.
A modern restaurant interior by Leonard Design featuring wooden tables, a grey upholstered bench, metal chairs, and a decorative wall with a neon sign that reads
A stylish bar with a modern design, crafted by Leonard Design, featuring a backlit liquor shelf, a sleek black countertop, and leather-topped barstools at high tables. A sign reading
A modern lounge area by Leonard Design featuring brown leather sofas and chairs with black metal frames, small round black tables, and a potted plant. The ceiling is dark with suspended pendant lights, enhancing the stylish interiors. Additional seating and a screen are visible in the background.
A modern, stylish restaurant with wooden tables and black chairs, masterplanned by Leonard Design. The interior features dark walls, ceiling lights, a bar area in the back, and comfortable booth seating. Shelves with decor items line the walls, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
A seating area in a dimly lit restaurant, masterplanned by Leonard Design, boasts two wooden tables and red cushioned bench seating. Two wooden chairs are positioned in front of the tables while a single black wall lamp casts light downwards, enhancing the cozy atmosphere against the dark-paneled wall.
A stylish, modern shelving unit with black metal framing and wooden shelves, featuring several potted green plants and a few books. The background showcases Leonard Design's expertise in architecture, including a cozy living area with a chair and large windows allowing natural light to flood in.
A small dining area with two wooden chairs and a table is placed against a wall with a bold geometric mural by Leonard Design, featuring shapes in red, blue, yellow, black, and white. The floor is tiled, and a security camera is visible on the ceiling.
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