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Gongju Townhouses

Yugu Town, South Korea

Aerial view of a sprawling resort complex masterplanned by Leonard Design, nestled within lush green mountains. The resort features multiple modern buildings, large swimming pools, and golf courses. The landscape is dotted with trees and small patches of farmland, extending into the distance under a partly cloudy sky.
Aerial view of a modern, sprawling mountain resort complex nestled in lush green hills and valleys. The resort, showcasing exceptional interior design, features uniquely designed buildings, including a large dome-shaped structure, surrounded by dense forests and agricultural fields under a partly cloudy sky.

Leonard Design is delivering a masterplan for a character driven new neighbourhood of 400 Gongju Townhouses also comprising of a hot spring club, hotel, entertainment, retail, and a vertical farm.

A detailed aerial view of a large, intricately planned resort nestled in a hilly, forested area. The layout showcases stunning architecture with multiple buildings, winding roads, and various accommodations. Recreational facilities and open green spaces are surrounded by dense greenery.
A modern residential complex by Leonard Design features multi-story buildings with large windows and balconies. People are gathered in a central courtyard with a water fountain and landscaped greenery. The sky is clear with a few clouds and birds flying, adding to the exquisite design ambiance.
A modern residential and commercial complex, designed by Leonard Design, showcases multiple brick buildings with large windows and balconies. People gather in a spacious plaza with stairs, plants, and trees. The clear blue sky suggests a sunny day, highlighting the stunning architecture and thoughtfully designed interiors.
A modern living room with large windows offering a scenic mountain view, designed by Leonard Design. The space features contemporary furnishings, including a dining table with marble top, a cozy sofa, a wall-mounted TV, and lush indoor plants. Light floods the room, enhancing its aesthetic.
A modern bedroom, masterplanned by Leonard Design, features a large wavy textured wall, a floor-to-ceiling window with a view of an outdoor garden, a bed with a beige blanket, a green potted plant, a wall-mounted painting, a black chaise lounge, and an overhead light fixture.
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