Building on the legacy from the gateway to the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Westfield Stratford

London, UK

A twilight aerial view of a modern urban area showcases well-lit buildings, roads, and an illuminated stadium. The sunset casts a warm glow on the cityscape, with distant city lights visible in the background. Featuring masterplanning at its finest, roads and train tracks crisscross the scene.
A bustling shopping plaza at night with vibrant lights illuminating the area. The entrance to the Westfield shopping center, masterplanned by Leonard Design, is prominent, with people walking and mingling in the open space. Modern buildings and storefronts line the walkway, adding an urban feel.

One of Europe’s largest retail-led regeneration projects, Stratford City is a mixed-use urban community and forms the gateway to the 2012 London Olympic site, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

A modern shopping mall with sleek architecture and stunning interiors, featuring multiple floors connected by escalators. Bright, colorful digital screens, the result of cutting-edge graphic design, adorn the ceiling, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Shoppers are visible throughout the spacious, well-lit interior.
A bustling modern shopping mall with masterplanning evident in its sleek interior design, featuring bright lighting, reflective surfaces, and multiple levels. Shoppers navigate both levels with store signs visible, including a ZARA. A glass railing overlooks the busy lower floor.
A bustling shopping mall by Leonard Design with multiple levels filled with people. Shoppers move on escalators and pass by various stores. The ceiling features stylish lighting, and the atmosphere is vibrant with activity, showcasing a masterplanning triumph in modern retail spaces.
An aerial view of a detailed urban planning layout by Leonard Design. The image showcases a mix of buildings, roads, green spaces, and waterways, depicting various urban zones. The central area features large structures and transport nodes, surrounded by residential and commercial areas.
Westfield Stratford London, UK Building on the legacy from the gateway to the 2012 Olympic Games Westfield Masterplanning Projects