From concrete collar to a new green lung, breathing life back into the town centre.

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Guildford Town Centre

Surrey, UK

An illustration of a bustling town square features various people walking, sitting, and socializing. The scene includes modern buildings reflecting thoughtful masterplanning, a river with a boat, a green gazebo, trees, and an outdoor café. A bridge and distant hills are visible in the background.

Shaping a new vision for Guildford, respecting its past whilst safeguarding the town’s future, Guildford is to be restored to the exemplar historic waterfront town centre it deserves to be.

A bustling riverside urban area with multi-story buildings, trees, and a canal showcases stunning architecture. People are walking, cycling, and sitting on benches. A bridge spans the canal, and a riverside promenade features outdoor seating and social gatherings.
Illustration of a scenic riverside park with a boat in the foreground, people walking and cycling on a path, and buildings in the background. A swan swims near the boat, and kayakers are enjoying the water. Trees line the riverbank, enhancing this graphic design of a picturesque setting.
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