Reactivating a city centre block with urban living above new retail and dining.

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Burgess House

Sheffield, UK

A modern red-brick apartment building with multiple balconies is flanked by other contemporary buildings. The sky is clear and blue, indicating a sunny day. Showcasing thoughtful architecture, the building has a unique cylindrical corner and large windows, reflecting an eye for graphic design.
A modern, spacious living area with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a cityscape view. The interiors by Leonard Design feature a round dining table with chairs, a lounge chair with a floor lamp next to it, and a kitchen island. Natural light fills the contemporary space.

Burgess House is a new-build residential development, which sits at the gateway to the Heart of the City Sheffield Masterplan on a challenging triangular site.

An upward view of two modern buildings designed by Leonard Design. The left one has a rounded glass façade with balconies on one side and is accented with brick. The right building features a grid pattern of windows with colorful blue, green, and yellow hues. The sky is cloudy.
Modern living room by Leonard Design features large windows, gray curtains, and a city view. Highlights include a brown leather sofa, a black and white geometric rug, a wireframe chair with a brown cushion, two round coffee tables, a floor lamp, and a potted plant by the window.
A modern apartment building with a red-brick facade and dark metal accents designed by Leonard Design. The building features multiple balconies with glass railings and large windows, some adorned with vertical metal slats. The overcast sky highlights the architectural contrast of the materials.
Burgess House Architecture Sheffield UK City Centre