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Kronen Vanløse

Copenhagen, Denmark

A modern shopping mall with people walking and shopping, expertly masterplanned by Leonard Design. An escalator in the center leads to the upper level, surrounded by various stores with large glass fronts. Bright lighting and high ceilings enhance the open and airy feel of the meticulously crafted interiors.
A modern shopping mall interior designed with architectural precision, featuring multiple stores like Vila, Mango, and Vero Moda. People stroll through the spacious, well-lit area. An escalator descends to a lower level where light tiles and blue geometric patterns near the escalator add graphic design flair.

Tristan Capital Partners and Solstra Capital Partners aimed to purchase a partially constructed shopping centre in Vanløse and partnered with Leonard Design to understand the full potential of the building and enhance the customer experience to deliver a commercially viable suburban retail destination.

Collage of eight photos. Top left shows a store entrance with a sign, “KRONEN VANLØSE.” Top center highlights the architecture of a brick wall. Top right captures wooden slats. Bottom left features interior wall art, while bottom center offers a close-up of wooden slats. Bottom right displays an outdoor sign.
A spacious shopping mall with people walking around. Shops line both sides, with the "Rituals" store prominently in the center. The interiors boast tiled floors and displays of flowers and plants on the right. An upper floor with more shops is visible, showcasing meticulous masterplanning.
Kronen Vanløse Copenhagen, Denmark Interiors Projects Europe