A disruptor brand in the health and well-being sector.

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Health and Well-being

A modern indoor pool and spa facility with an illuminated ceiling showcases impeccable interior design. Several people are present; some are swimming, while others are walking or conversing. A staircase leads to the central pool, and there are seating areas and a decorative neon sign reading "SwimSpa.

SwimSpa engaged Leonard Design to envisage a new aquatic health concept to disrupt the day spa and gym market. Their accessible alternative integrates physical health, mental well-being, and education, empowering members and guests toward healthier, less stressful lives.

A modern indoor swimming pool facility, masterplanned by Leonard Design, with people swimming and relaxing. The pool features lap lanes, a central walkway, and multiple hot tubs on either side. Bright overhead lighting and green-tiled decor create a vibrant atmosphere. Numbered stations line the walls showcasing the meticulous architecture.
A woman wearing sunglasses and an orange swimsuit floats in a blue swimming pool. The text on the left side of the image reads: "Revitalize Summary May 2023 Swim Spa by Leonard Design. SwimSpa. A New Concept in Wet Health.
A modern indoor swim spa by Leonard Design features a pool with people swimming and relaxing. Elegant lounge chairs line the foreground, while overhead, a ceiling adorned with blue and yellow lights creates a stylish ambiance. The interiors highlight the illuminated "SwimSpa" name on the wall.
SwimSpa Health and Well-being An accessible disruptor health and well-being brand. Interiors Projects